Thomas Brown, the 20th subject in A Noble Company, volume 7

17th Aug 2016

Thomas Brown was described by the great John L. Dagg as ”an excellent man, and an able minister of Christ.” He also said that Brown “was much beloved as a Pastor, and was a favorite among the ministers with whom he associated.” Concerning his preaching, Dagg says, “In the pulpit he was solemn and impressive; and few men were heard with more attention.” He is said to have preached “what his heart felt; and was almost always sure to make others hearts feel too.” It is said that he had “intimate knowledge of the glorious doctrines of the Gospel.” Over the course of his ministry, Thomas Brown (1779-1831) pastored three churches in America: Salem Baptist Church and Scotch Plains Baptist Church, both in New Jersey, and Great Valley Church in Pennsylvania. He was actively involved in the Philadelphia Baptist Association and was immersed in the modern missionary movement. His life and ministry reflected a missionary desire to see the Gospel propagated throughout the world. --Jonny White