William Collier - subject #6 in volume 7 of A Noble Comapny

26th Apr 2016

William Collier 1771-1843 (the next subject in volume 7 of A Noble Company--to be release by the end of May)

This Baptist minister’s boarding house conversations were with some notable Americans in our history. John Greenleaf Whittier, the great poet, and William Lloyd Garrison, perhaps the leading crusader for abolition, sat at his tables daily and discussed important topics of the day. Their influence on him was no doubt significant, and his influence on them, as indicated by Garrison’s working for a time with Collier’s Christian publications, may have affected them as well. William Collier was a preacher, publisher and local missionary who, by his example, still demonstrates that every day we have the opportunity to touch countless others with the Gospel. --GTR