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British Particular Baptist 5-vol. set

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The British Particular Baptists

Each volume of this five-volume set contains professionally written biographical sketches of the British Particular Baptists. Volumes 2 through 3 are edited by Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin. Volume 1 (Revised), 4 and 5 are edited by Dr. Michael A. G. Haykin and Terry Wolever.

Volume 1 Revised contains: 

British Particular Baptist Biography by Michael A. G. Haykin
Thomas Patient (1591-1666) by Dennis Bustin
John Spilsbury (1593-ca.1662/668) by James M. Renihan
Benjamin Coxe (1595-ca.1676) by Samuel Renihan
Hanserd Knollys (ca.1599-1691) by Barry H. Howson
Henry Jessey (1601-1663) by Jason G. Duesing
Christopher Blackwood (1605-1670) by Malcolm B. Yarnell, III
William Kiffen (1616-1701) by Michael A. G. Haykin
Edward Harrison (ca.1618-ca.1673) by Jeremy Walker
Henry Danvers (ca.1619-1687/88) by Tom James
Thomas Delaune (ca.1635-1645-1685) by Andy Compton
John Bunyan (1628-1688) by Ben Rogers
Benjamin Keach (1640-1704) by Tom J. Nettles
Andrew Gifford, Sr. (1641-1721) by Robert Strivens
Hercules Collins (a.1647-1702) by Steve Weaver
David Crosley (1669-1744) by Jonathan Arnold
John Piggott (ca.1670-1713) by Steve Weaver

412 pages, includes an Index of Persons and an Index of Subjects. Illustrated.


Volume 2 contains:

Introduction by Michael A. G. Haykin
Benjamin Francis (1734-1799) by Michael Haykin
Abraham Booth (1734-1806) by Robert W. Oliver
John Rippon (1751-1825) by Sharon James
John Ryland Jr. (1753-1825) by Grant Gordon
Andrew Fuller (1754-1815) by Tom J. Nettles
William Carey (1761-1834) by Timothy George
William Steadman (1764-1837) by Sharon James
Samuel Pearce (1766-1799) by Tom Wells
Christmas Evans (1766-1838) by Geoffrey Thomas
Robert (1764-1842) and James (1768-1851) Haldane by George McGuinness
Joshua (1768-1837) and Hannah (1767-1847) Marshman by A. Christopher Smith
William Ward (1769-1823) by A. Christopher Smith

271 pages.  Illustrated. 


Volume 3 contains:

Anne Steele (1717-1778) by Sharon James
John Sutcliff (1752-1814) by Michael Haykin
John Saffery (1763-1825) by Brian Talbot
Joseph Kinghorn (1766-1832) by Dean Olive
Joseph Ivimey (1773-1834) by J. C. Doggett
William Gadsby (1773-1844) by B. A. Ramsbottom
Alexander Carson (1776-1844) by Robert Briggs
Christopher Anderson (1782-1852) by Derek B. Murray
John Kershaw (1792-1870) by B. A. Ramsbottom
Joseph Charles Philpot (1802-1869) by B. A. Ramsbottom
William Knibb (1803-1845) by Gary W. Long
Alexander Maclaren (1826-1910) by Don Goertz
Charles Haddon Spurgeon (1834-1892) by Heinz Dschankilic
Susannah Spurgeon (1832-1903) by Don Theobald

340 pages, including the index for volumes two through three.  Illustrated. 


Volume 4 contains: 

The Stennetts by B. A. Ramsbottom
Benjamin Stinton (1677-1719) by Jonathan Arnold
Edward (1678-1733) and Benjamin (1711-1782) Wallin by Terry Wolever
Bernard Foskett (1685-1758) by Robert Strivens
Anne Dutton (1692-1765) by Huafang Xu
John Gill (1697-1771) by Robert Oliver
Andrew Gifford, Jr. (1700-1784) by Brian Talbot
Samuel Wilson (1703-1750) by Terry Wolever
John Brine (1703-1765) by Peter Beck
James Fanch (1704-1767) by Karen Smith
Benjamin Beddome (1717-1795) by Michael A. G. Haykin
Joshua Thomas (1719-1797) by Kennedy Hart
John Collett Ryland (1723-1792) by Peter Naylor

338 pages, includes an Index of Persons and an Index of Subjects. Illustrated.


Volume 5 contains:  

John Ash (1724-1779) by G. H. Taylor
John Butterworth (1727-1803) by John F. Jones
Robert Hall, Sr. (1728-1791) by Michael A. G. Haykin
Archibald McLean (1733-1812) by Brian Talbot
John Hirst (1736-1815) by Kenneth Dix
Caleb Evans (1737-1791) by Kirk Wellum and J. P. Salley
David Kinghorn (1737-1822) by Baiyu Andrew Song
Samuel Medley (1738-1799) by B. A. Ramsbottom
John Fawcett (1740-1817) by Michael A. G. Haykin
John Martin (1741-1820) by Blair Waddell
Maria de Fleury (ca.1752-1792)
William Button (1754-1821) by Jeff Straub
Joseph Swain (1760-1796) by Terry Wolever
James Upton (1760-1834) by Terry Wolever
James Hinton (1761-1823) by Michael A. G. Haykin
George Barclay (1774-1838) by Brain Talbot

481 pages, includes an Index of Persons and an Index of Subjects. Illustrated.




A note from one of our customers:  

"I truly appreciate the works that you are publishing.  I absolutely love the 3-Volume set on the British Particular Baptists and the Works of Abraham Booth.    I also have the commentary on John and the one on 1 John.  We started a series on Psalms awhile ago and I bought the 2-volume commentary set for my pastor.  He quotes from them often. Thanks, Chris"


A letter we received from Jack:

"I have just completed Kinghorn and what a blessing to read of his life and letters. I confess having never heard of the dear brother, but now I shall never forget him. My original thought was to read vol. 1, but not the coming volumes of his works. However, I look forward to their publication. There is so much he commented on that is relevant today -- evangelizing to Jews, Roman Catholic Theology, the issues of baptism and communion. I believe it will be a treasure. Please keep me informed. . . . I trust your publishing venture will do for Baptists what Banner has done for Presbyterians. Also you might send me a few extra brochures. I would like to send them to several friends."

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  • 5
    A Great Series...

    Posted by Jake on 5th Mar 2021

    This is a well written series. It is a subject that is very interesting and important for today. The Author's do a fantastic job at unpacking the lives of these individuals. I also appreciate the listing of books to read for further reading. Be careful that you don't have any other work to do because you will find yourself reading a lot!