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British Baptist biographies and histories

The majority of the volumes that comprise this collection are uniformly bound in red cloth vellum with gold stamping and are indexed.

A word about our Particular Baptist Press indexes.

We generally create three detailed comprehensive indexes for each of our volumes in the British Baptist Biographies and Histories Series and the Particular/Regular Baptists in America Series. The Index of Persons includes dates of birth and death on known entries whether these dates appear in the text or not. The Index of Subjects includes doctrinal and theological subjects, as well as separate entries on the Persons of the Godhead. The Index of Churches includes churches mentioned in the book, organized by state, along with its denominational affiliation and the date it was constituted—a unique addition that most books do not have. As you can see in the examples below, we spend a great deal of time compiling each top quality index. In our latest books—A Noble Company series—the indexes have been averaging about 60 pages or more in length. These indexes prove to be a valuable help to historians, family researchers, seminary students, theologians and genealogists. Whether you are researching the history of your church, the history of your family, the history of missions and the missionary movement, the history of a particular individual, or even working on your doctoral thesis, these indexes will be of great benefit.

Example of Index of Persons

Example of Index of Subjects

Example of Index of Churches

  • Kinghorn Vol 1

    The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn - Volume 1

    The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn - Volume 1 Compiled and edited by Terry Wolever A widely known and well-respected figure in his own day, Kinghorn has been all but forgotten and usually overlooked by most of the literature dealing with Baptist...

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