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Standing Orders


Standing Order benefits!

Particular Baptist Press, a non-profit ministry, is seeking interested institutions and individuals who believe in the promotion and preservation of Baptist history, who will entrust a standing order with our Press that will help finance other publications. Knowing we have a fixed number of orders enables us to print larger quantities, which in turn lowers our per-volume sales price. Our individual standing order customers also enjoy free shipping.


What is a standing order and how does it work?

 A standing order means that when we publish a book, we will automatically ship the book directly to you with an invoice. We generally print two to four books a year. If, for some reason, you do not want a particular book, you may return it with the invoice. When your order is initially set up, we will work with you to customize your preferences with regard to our inventory of publications that you may not already own. Thus, getting you caught-up on all of our books of interest to you.


For more information please contact us at (417) 883-0342 or e-mail us at


To request a standing order with Particular Baptist Press, fill out the Standing Order Request Form and mail it to 2766 W. Farm Road 178, Springfield, MO 65810. 

We request that you pray with us for this important publishing ministry.