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The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn - Volume 2

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The Life and Works of Joseph Kinghorn - Volume 2

Compiled and edited by Terry Wolever

Joseph Kinghorn began a public writing ministry in the year 1795 which would continue for the rest of his life, motivated as he said by "the wish to do good and glorify God."  This volume contains two of his published works, some of which are now very scarce, covering a wide range of subjects and characterized by "Mr. Kinghorn's usual style of calm and careful investigation and argument."  Originally appearing as separate publications or in the pages of the Baptist Magazine, these interesting works collected here for the first time in a single volume will prove to be a spiritual delight to the serious Christian reader.

Hard bound, grade B cloth vellum work on acid free paper.  447 pages.  Illustrated.

To read an excerpt from the book review on the 3-volume Kinghorn set by Michael A. G. Haykin of The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary, click here