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The Three Mrs. Judsons

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The Three Mrs. Judsons

By Arabella Stuart

Ann Hasseltine, Sarah Boardman and Emily Chubbuck, each successively the wife of Adoniram Judson, the first American Baptist missionary to a distant foreign field, demonstrated in their lives the noblest of Christian virtue, and supreme dedication to the cause of Jesus Christ in spreading the gospel to what was then known as the Burman empire.  No more fitting monument to the heroic labors of the Judsons can be erected than that of remembering their story.

Revised bicentennial edition with comprehensive indexes of persons, subjects and churches.  410 pages.  Illustrated.

There is a limited number of original edition dustjackets available at no extra charge.  Please indicate on your order if you'd like one.  Otherwise, the book will be shipped without a dustjacket. 


A review of the book from Christy:

"This is a very informative, inspirational and encouraging book. The testimonies of Ann Hasseltine, Sarah Boardman and Emily Chubbuck, show lives entirely focused on Christ and service to Him. Much of the fruit of Mr. Judson's work in Burma was because of his three godly wives. Ann Hasseltine, Mr. Judson's first wife, said, 'Oh it is good to get near to God and feel whether in life or death, we are His. Let us my dear sister, so live, that our union to Christ may not only be satisfactory to ourselves but to all around us. "On earth we serve God - in Heaven enjoy Him" - is a motto I have long wished to adopt. When in heaven we can do nothing towards saving immortal souls.'

"Sarah Boardman, Mr. Judson's second wife, was called to mission work as a young lady. She had the utmost desire to pray earnestly and unceasingly for the lost and for them to be saved. She wrote in her journal, 'Sinners perishing all around me and I almost panting to tell the far heathen of Christ!' The loss of two beloved children and her first husband brought her closer to the Lord and caused her to delve even deeper in her service to Him. After the death of Sarah, Mr. Judson married Emily Chubbuck. After a few short years of marriage, Mr. Judson was summoned Home. Much can be said of the lives of the three Mrs. Judsons. Their close walk with the Lord, their passion for Christ and their fervor to serve Him is a rarity amongst Christian circles today. Each one of their lives and testimonies should indeed move us from our own mediocrity."

A recent comment:

I'm reading the Three Mrs. Judsons with my wife And it is a wonderful book!  --Jason