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A Noble Company Series

This series contains essays on the lives of both well-known figures beginning in the seventeenth century and their lesser-known but important contemporaries, written by a variety of modern authors. The volumes comprising this collection are all uniformly bound in navy cloth vellum with gold stamping. Illustrated and indexed.

"If Baptists do not write about their past, and bring it before those people called Baptists to give them an idea of their roots and identity, then it is extremely unlikely other scholars will. Particular Baptist Press are to be heartily commended for having done this in their series A Noble Company. A bevy of richly researched volumes and essays, they have given us Baptists in America a solid understanding of our origins and past pilgrimage. Baptist schools and churches need to have this series, read and study it, and learn from it, and that especially in a day when history in general is in such low esteem. " --Michael A G Haykin, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary. 

"The Noble Company series is more than a beautiful addition to the professor's or pastor/teacher's library. It is the most thorough and helpful resource available for learning about and benefiting from the lives of faithful Baptist forebears. Readers will find new information about well-known Baptists and will discover added insights from those who are lesser known. The wide range of expert contributors ensures faithfulness in telling the story of each figure, yet the focus throughout remains the same - to highlight the faithfulness of God in the lives of otherwise ordinary people. Particular Baptist Press has provided a wonderful service to the church through this exceptional series."  --Anthony Chute, California Baptist University.

"Memoir and biography are shapers of our past, the stuff of which history is made, and too much of this raw material of our American religious history still languishes in the back rooms of small antique shops and book barns, rarely noticed and almost never read. But Particular Baptist Press in Springfield, Missouri has done both the church and the scholarly community an inestimable service by bringing to light once more the long neglected or even forgotten lives of early American Baptists, from the seventeenth to the nineteenth centuries. This in a series entitled A Noble Company, not noble by birth necessarily, but more like those Jews in the synagogue at Berea, who were “more noble than those in Thessalonica, in that they received the word with all readiness of mind, and searched the scriptures daily” (Acts 17:11). In the first volume of this series in 2006, editor Terry Wolever commented that such a description fits “all true believers in whatever denomination they may be found, but the aim of these volumes will be to recount the lives and collective deeds of the Particular/Regular Baptists in America.” This series is only one of many carried on by Particular Baptist Press, the product of the initiative of Gary W. Long and Sovereign Grace Baptist Church in Springfield, other series focusing on British Baptists, Baptist missions, and biblical commentaries by Baptists on both sides of the Atlantic. A multitude of voices long silent and now heard again!"  --J. Ramsey Michaels, Professor Emeritus, Missouri State University.

"The series of books under the general title "Noble Company" being published by Particular Baptist Press provides the most thorough investigation of the Calvinistic Baptist tradition yet attempted. Excellent biographical essays on scores of Baptist preachers, missionaries, writers, polemicists, theologians, pioneers, and denominational statesmen give thoughtful substance for a more thorough and clear understanding of Baptist history and identity. Not only is the title "Noble," but also the quality of the product. Names and documents that would otherwise be lost, or virtually irretrievable, for the Baptist public and many scholars are now available for study in this series. Every library should have the entire series available for its patrons and students. Those who want to increase in their understanding of the contributions, controversies, and delicate interactions of persons in Baptist life should maintain currency with this series."  --Tom J. Nettles, The Southern Baptist Theological Seminary.

"This series comprehensively explores the lives and contributions of notable Particular or Regular Baptists throughout the history of the United States.  Each biography explores aspects of the careers of each of these important figures and how they shaped not only Christianity in America, but the life and culture of the United States as a whole.  Indeed, A Noble Company stands as one of the most invaluable resources for both Baptist history as well as the history of Christianity in general. This series is a monumental achievement."  --Andre Gazal, Author